Online Payroll System

Venture into a new stress free world with our online payroll services for small business

Our online payroll system provides a secure, automated and user-friendly way of accessing your payslips and business payroll online.

Connected to the cloud, you will have access to your payroll data from any computer or tablet, anywhere.

Whilst employers will have access to an overview of all employees, payslips and customised reports, employees have their own secure portal link and dashboard.  Within this they are able to view all their payslips, request annual leave and supply updates to their personal details.

In addition to payroll, you can also upload documents, contracts and links, selecting which employees they should be made available to. This making it extremely quick & easy to circulate important information around all staff.

No more printing or storing payslips

Our online payroll software is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and eliminates the need to email payrolls and print payslips.

No need to worry about security either. We make sure to protect against things like data injection, authentication hacking, cross site scripting, exposure flaws, request forgery, and the many other types of vulnerabilities.

Benefit to employees:

  • View all payslips online – no paper copies to store
  • Amend personal details – name, address & emergency contact (not tax codes/NI no)
  • Request annual leave (optional)

Benefit to employers:

  • No payslips to print/emails to send
  • Complies completely with GDPR
  • Upload documents – Eg. contracts, letters, links
  • Upload company logo
  • Secure online automated backup
  • Online self service portal
  • Annual leave calendar
  • Customised reporting
  • Clear monthly totals due to HMRC

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Online Payroll System – Fully GDPR compliant

  • Remote Access – Mobile and online access to payroll data anytime and anywhere for both employers and employees
  • Safe & Secure – Full backups are maintained at all times. These can be restored or downloaded anytime in the event of fire, theft or damaged computers etc.
  • Up-to-date Information – including employee leave calendar, changes to employee contact details, employee payslips and payroll reports
  • User Restrictions – Users can be restricted from viewing employees marked as confidential, payroll information and reports and employee documents.
  • Central Location – all in one central location to store all things employee related, including payroll, HR and other employment related documents such as the employee’s contract of employment.

Roden Associates specialise in payroll services for small business in Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland. Book your FREE payroll consultation today!