Bill Payment and Purchase Ledger

Are you, or your administrators, struggling to find time to pay the supplier bills each month?

If so you are not alone.  Many businesses have no access to admin support and paying bills can be a time-consuming and surprisingly complex task. If this sounds familiar then maybe you need to consider our specialist bookkeeping service.

Our paperless bookkeeping system uses email and on-line storage solutions to collect the bills. The system matches purchase-orders and delivery notes and attaches these to the transaction on your online accounts system.

Your transactions are saved as drafts for your approval – and you remain in control as it’s simple to add a payment date to the system.

Notes are easily added to each bill – letting you see the complete picture at the click of a button.

The system is simple and tailored to your requirements – arrange a free bookkeeping consultation now and find out how we will save you time and protect your supplier relationships.