Devoted to


Sales Invoicing

Creation and issuing of all your customer invoices from purchase orders, visit reports or email instructions.


All your data entry, full compliance with HMRC, your own management reports and an annual report.

Reports and Consultancy

Meaningful Monthly and/or Quarterly Reports and advice which track the progress of your business, assist with your analysis/comparisons and aid you in make informed decisions.

Systems Training

Enabling you and your team to save you time, money and stress.

Cashflow & Budget Control

Creating meaningful control systems to enable you pre-empt difficult situations and capitalise on opportunities.


All your data entry, full compliance with HMRC, your own management reports and an annual report.

Bill Payment and Purchase Ledger

Improved relationships with your suppliers, protecting your credit rating and ensuring the smooth running of your business.

Credit Control

Tracking, reminding and chasing to ensure all your money comes in on time.

Let Roden Associates take the strain out of your day to day bookkeeping.

Our bookkeeping team are here to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Using our cloud based online bookkeeping systems will enable you to:

  • Go paperless – scan, photograph and upload your documents to Dropbox online or have them emailed directly to your Xero dropbox – no more lost receipts!
  • Access your data anywhere in the world and at any time
  • Create your invoices on site – and receive payments, all through your mobile device
  • Check in to Xero for easy to understand management reports to keep you informed
  • Your own account manager to give advice, keep you on-track with those HMRC deadlines and ensure your accounts are accurate and up-to-date.

We provide bookkeeping for businesses across central Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling and all areas in between.

Cash flow & Budget Control

No business can survive without cash!

Accurate forecasting is an essential management tool for ALL business owners, and a central pillar of bookkeeping. If your bookkeeping records are up to date, then you will be able to foresee problems before they arise – and plan ahead! However, most SME owners still use the “back of an envelope” approach or sail on from day-to-day with their fingers crossed!  This is largely because they are unsure how to prepare a cash flow forecast and, in many cases, just don’t have the time.

With our simple-to-use tools we will assist you in setting up and monitoring your cashflow – keeping you ahead and giving peace of mind, knowing that your company’s finances are under control.

Why not click here to book a FREE 1 hour Skype consultation to collect data and produce a simple budget and demonstrate the power of FLOAT for multiple scenarios – putting you in control.

Credit Control Bookkeeping

The hard work has been done: you made the sale, did the work and sent an invoice – but there is still no money in your bank account!

Sound familiar? This is known as credit control. You are of course not alone – many businesses have difficulty getting their customers to pay.  Poor credit control becomes a cycle – you can’t pay your suppliers, may struggle to pay wages and eventually the business will fail!

Many small business owners struggle to find the time, or are uncomfortable trying to collect debt from their customers.  This creates frustration and stress.   The longer the debt remains unpaid, the harder it is to collect and the more it impacts on your cash flow.

If you are struggling with late paying customers we are here help on a regular or adhoc basis – why not Click here to book a free bookkeeping consultation and discover how we will get your cash flowing in and make your life easier!

Roden Associates are based in Edinburgh and provide our services at client locations in Edinburgh, Lothian, Glasgow, Perth, and all areas in between!

Bill Payment and Purchase Ledger

Are you, or your administrators, struggling to find time to pay the supplier bills each month?

If so you are not alone.  Many businesses have no access to admin support and paying bills can be a time-consuming and surprisingly complex task.

Our paperless bookkeeping system uses email and on-line storage solutions to collect the bills. The system matches purchase-orders and delivery notes and attaches these to the transaction on your online accounts system.

Your transactions are saved as drafts for your approval – and you remain in control as it’s simple to add a payment date to the system.

Notes are easily added to each bill – letting you see the complete picture at the click of a button.

The system is simple and tailored to your requirements – arrange a free bookkeeping consultation now and find out how we will save you time and protect your supplier relationships.

Sales Invoicing

Do you struggle to get your invoices out to your customers?

Many business owners are so busy doing the work that they find it hard to find time to prepare, check and issue invoices.

Invoices sent to customers late are more likely to be queried and paid late – affecting your cashflow into the business and costing more time as you answer queries and chase down payments.

Late invoicing adversely affects customer relationships – it may affect their forecasts and impact on their business.  It certainly affects their perception of your company.

Our simple, paperless system uses email and online storage to collect the data and prepare invoices.  Paperwork is easily attached and invoices can be emailed directly to the client saving you time and stress and reducing errors.

Why not click here and get your free bookkeeping consultation to discover how our click & send invoicing system can work for you.